Passion, joy
and color

“The moment paint meets canvas embodies the magic that exists when the earthly, emotional, and spiritual worlds connect. My works reflect life, the feeling of a pleasant intrigue, and the instant of pure intimacy in which a new work is born.” JKC.

Jessica Kuljis Cochamanidis (b. 1979, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia) is a dynamic artist with a passion for colors, life and nature. Brushes and canvases captivated her when she was 20 years old.

She balances a successful career in broadcasting, as an Executive Director of Red Uno Bolivia Network, and as a mother of two young children.

Her canvases are an expression of her experimentation with different techniques, extensive travels, and perspective as a modern woman whose life straddles the traditional culture of Bolivia and the globalized world.

Jessica’s works reflect her passion for progress, hunger for new experiences, and sensibility of an artist driven to inspire all to turn their wildest dreams into a living reality.